My Hand Moves Funny

Apr 16

typical day at the Hanie-abode - me working out a print order delivery kink while waiting the rice to cook, and mom in the background telling me what she wants for lunch.

Apr 13


yan-draws asked: HI, I saw you reblog and video for hand exercises a while ago and I can't seem to find it, I've been scrolling the last couple of months on your blog and still no good. I would greatly appreciate it you could send me the link to it please. My hands are really clenched up and it's quite painful when I try to put them straight and I thought doing the hand exercise daily can decrease the pain a little. Thank you :)



It took a little searching (since I totally forgot what I tagged that post as), but here’s the vid on youtube:

Hope this will help ease the hand discomfort.

Was feeling a little tendon discomfort in my drawing arm the whole day, so finally caved in and did a quick search of this post for the exercise Youtube vid to do. Can feel the relief afterwards pretty much immediately.

Take care of your moneymakers, fellow artists ;3;

reblogging this for the super helpful video! couldn’t come at a better time because I’ve been having pain on my wrist extending to the elbow for the past 2 days >.<

Apr 12


erikochan replied to your post: exit421 replied to your post: found ou…

In Canada, we have Paris, Ontario. Also London, Ontario!

everyone wants Paris in their backyard lol. oh and would you believe I first found out London (in Canada) because of figure skating World Championship 2013? Someone interviewed a skater who trained in Canada what she thinks of London, and she said it’s really far from downtown of where she trained - and I went -??? Is this not the UK? And then I found out that it’s actually in Canada XDD